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As of March 12, the remainder of our 2019-20 season is cancelled.

It's not been an easy season for volleyball players in our league.  Access to gyms has been removed from us consistently in 2020.  Now, with the added school closures due to COVID-19, the decision has been made to cancel the remainder of the season, including playoffs.  Teams will be refunded $275 of their original registration fee.  As we navigate through the situation with COVID-19, volleyball isn't the prime consideration, and we hope that all our players and their families and friends remain safe and healthy throughout.  We hope everyone is back for the 2020-21 season!


Access to Division Schedules on this site has been disabled until gyms become available again for the league. (Feb 16, 2020)


Games Cancelled Feb 5 AND Feb 12, 2020

Due to continued work action, rental contracts for Community Use of Schools in WRDSB have been cancelled for the next 2 weeks.  Therefore, no games on Feb 5 or Feb 12.  Schedule has been pushed out 2 weeks, and the final 2 weeks of the original schedule have been taken out. Revised schedules have been posted on each division page.


Schedules are now available for the 2nd half of the 2019-20 season.  There were some division changes for the 2nd half:

  • Isotopes move from C to D1; Monstars move from D1 to C

  • Coco Loco move from D1 to D2; Vipers move from D2 to D1

Good luck to all in the 2nd half!


December 18th games are CANCELLED for all divisions due to work action.


December 11 - Gym Replacement: Westmount replaces Breslau; Wilson Ave replaces JW Gerth


December 4th games are CANCELLED for all divisions due to work action.


November 13 - Gym Replacement: Queensmount replaces Lester B Pearson


2019-20 Season About to Begin!

On September 18, KW Co-ed Volleyball League will begin it's 2019-20 season. Schedules are available on each of the Division pages, and our Rules / Bylaws section has been updated and is available for reading / downloading.  Good luck to all teams as you start the new season!


2018-19 Final Results

Congratulations to all our Winners this Season!

Division Mid-Season Tournament Winner Regular Season Champion Final Playoff Winner
C V-Ballin' V-Ballin' V-Ballin'
D1 Notorious D.I.G. Notorious D.I.G. Who Gives a Hit
D2 Vipers Sets Addicts Vipers
E Setting Ducks Spikadelic Naturals


Due to weather and road conditions, all games are canceled tonight.  The schedule will be adjusted and this week's games will be played next week, and so on.


Schedule Note for February 27

The D2/E split gym for February 27 is at Baden Public School.  The permit hours for this night are 8pm - 10:30pm.  Please see the schedule for start times for each match for Feb 27.


Volleyball Canceled on February 6

Schools are closed due to the ice storm - no volleyball on Feb 6.


Division Changes for 2nd half of 2018-2019 Season

  • Dig This moves to D1, Max is Back moves to D2


Schedule Updates

Schedules for the 2nd half of the 2018-2019 season have been posted.  Good luck to all!


See revised schedules for E and D2 for Nov 14 - Baden replaced by Lester B Pearson.

Revised schedules posted on Oct 9.  These schedules are dated Oct 9, and reflect a few gym replacements and clarifications in all divisions.

As of October 3, 2018 games, the following teams are changing divisions (please see revised schedules):

  • Vipers will move up to D2(Team number 3)

  • Court Jesters will move up to D1(Team number 1) 

  • Bumptruck will move up to C(Team number 3)

  • And we welcome our new team, CPR, as team number 7 in E division.


Searching for 1 more team!!

We are still 1 team short in our league for 2018-19.  If you have a team and would like to explore joining the KW Co-ed Volleyball League, please contact Dave at  Update, as of Sept 28, the final team spot has been filled.  Thanks to all who helped Dave get this done!


Welcome to the 2018-19 Season!

One week till the season starts - play begins on September 19, 2018.  Schedules are available on each Division page.

Good luck to all - Hope it's a great season for everyone!

Playoff Results - Winners and Runners-Up!

C-Division: JAFT over V-Ballin;  D1-Division: Bump Truck over Who Gives a Hit

D2-Division: Court Jesters over Dig This; E-Division: Naturals over Kiss My Pass

Congratulations to all on a successful 2017-18 season.  Have a great summer!

Regular Season Ends!

Congratulations to the Regular Season Champs in each division:

C-Division: V-Ballin'; D1-Division: Bumptruck;

D2-Division: Max Is Back; E-division: The Naturals

First Half Results

C-Division:  V-Ballin' finished first and won the Mid-Season Tournament over I'd Hit That

D1-Division: Serves You Right finished first and moves up to C; Hit List over Max is Back in the Mid-Season Tournament

D2-Division: Bumptruck finished first and won the Mid-Season Tournament over Sets Addicts; Bumptruck moves up to D1

E-Division: Naturals finished first and won the Mid-Season Tournament over Spikeadelic

Congratulations to all!

Mid Season Tournament!!

The first half of the KW Co-ed Volleyball season is over (12 weeks goes by so quickly!).  With 2 Wednesdays remaining before the Christmas break, we will be using that time for a mid season league tournament.  Each division will play at a single school each week. Round robin play will begin in week 1 (Dec 13).  Completion of the RR, if necessary and Tournament playoffs will follow in week 2 (Dec 20).  There are slight variations for each division, so check the actual tournament schedules on the division pages and convenor instructions at the schools  for more detail.

Good luck to all!

A New Season Begins

The 2017-18 season will begin on September 20.  Schedules are posted on each division page.

There are a few notes to inform everyone about as we begin the season:

  • LIBERO is now allowed as a valid substitution method in C division ONLY.

  • 1st Half Schedule ends on December 6.  The following 2 weeks will be a mid-season tournament.  Details to come.

  • First aid kits are now the responsibility of each team. Supplies will not be stocked in equipment bags.

  • Switches between divisions will no longer be automatic, and will only happen at the discretion of the Exec. This could happen at any time, and the teams that switch would start in their new division with a 0-0 record.

Have a great season everyone!


And on to the Finals!

On April 19, the finals will be played in each division.  In C, V-Ballin' will play I'd Hit That.  In D1, Notorious DIG will play Hit List.  In D2, Volleybulls and Set for Life will clash.  And in E, it will be That Team and The Naturals playing.  Best of luck to all teams!

Regular Season is Done!

Congratulations to our 2017 2nd half division winners:

Serves You Right
That Team OR Naturals

Yes, we have a tie!  In fact, we have 2 ties in E division.  There will be a 1 game playoff between That Team and Naturals for 1st and 2nd in E Division, and also a 1 game playoff between Brew Crew and Busta Spike for 7th and 8th place in E.  These games will take place immediately before the E playoffs on April 12.

Otherwise, all is set for playoffs.  Take a look at the division pages to see the final standings and the first round matchups.  Your division co-ordinator will be sending out additional details regarding order of games, etc.  Good luck to all in the playoffs

Final Week of Regular Season

Still room for changes to the standings in all divisions in the last week.  We'll get the final standings published here as quickly as we can after all the scores are in.  Then, it's off to the playoffs!

Two more weeks till Playoffs!

Lots of change can still happen in all divisions in the last 2 weeks before playoffs.  First place is in doubt in most divisions, and with 8 of 9 teams qualifying for playoffs, there is still room for movement for the last playoff spot in a couple of divisions.  Good luck to all teams down the home stretch!


Message from WRDSB regarding March 1

Please note that during the week of Feb 27 – Mar 3, 2017 there may be a short electrical outage of about 30 seconds sometime during your rental. We do not have a firm schedule on which date this will be taking place. The custodian on duty will advise you if the technician arrives to perform their work. Thank you for your cooperation.

2nd Half of Season Begins!

Schedules are now posted in each of the division pages.  We begin play on Wednesday January 11, 2017.

Here is a summary of the teams that changed divisions between the first and second half of this season:

  • From E to D2: Net Assets, Setting Ducks
  • From D2 to E: Vipers, Naturals
  • From D2 to D1: Coco Loco
  • From D1 to D2: Sets Addicts

End of 1st Half

Congratulations to V-Ballin', Serves You Right, Coco Loco, and Net Assets, our 1st half division champs!

Net Rule Clarification

In 2015, FIVB revised the net rule back to the way it was a few years ago.  Our league adopted the change (as we try to do with most FIVB rules), but our website did not reflect the change.  There were emails sent out to identify the change, but our rule document was incorrect.  It has been changed now, and reads:

The new net contact rules stipulate that: "Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing."


Our New Website Look!

We've done a bit of a makeover for the website.  The look was tired, and we needed to adjust some of the technical aspects.  Let me know what you think (here), or any suggestions you might have as we go forward.  Later in the season, we will be moving to a new host, and a further update will be made to the look and functionality of the site. 


2016-17 Startup

First games will be on September 28, 2016.  Full schedules are accessible via the menu on the left, or from the Division pages linked above. 

Some divisions have done this in the past, and all are requested to do so this year:  all teams should report their results to the division co-ordinator, on Wednesday night or Thursday.  This will allow us to be able to post standings more consistently and with less effort for the co-ordinators.

Good luck to all teams! Have a great season!


2015-16 Playoff Results

Congratulations to V-Ballin' for winning the C Division
Congratulations to Notorious DIG for winning the D1 Division
Congratulations to Set for Life for winning the D2 Division
Congratulations to That Team for winning the E Division


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